The Unforeseen

I had planned for everything. Everything! Well I thought I had anyway. Who the hell plans for a global pandemic? Aside from those weirdo doomsday preppers that we all watched on U.S. tv and thought of as a bunch of crazies!

I had spent my entire life working my arse off to get where I am. People gave me a lot of shit over the years because my parents were wealthy, what they didn’t know was that aside from a minimal startup amount, they never gave me anything. I was expected to do it all on my own. When I entered the same business arena as my father, I thought I would at least get some connections, but no, nothing. So I had tried. Tried and failed unfortunately. But I was never one to give up. I wanted to own property. I wanted wealth in my own right! So I worked and I worked, odd jobs here and there. I worked in telemarketing, I stocked supermarket shelves, I picked fruit and vegetables during the seasons, I worked on a small, local public radio station as a DJ for a time, I waited, bar kept and eventually managed a restaurant until I knew I had to move on. Acting was my real passion and I got a few gigs here and there, I even managed to be a regular in a small-time theatre production, but the money wasn’t good & there was little notoriety with it & at the end of the day, I really craved some fame and some fortune!

But now that could all come to an end! I had a couple of great apartments on the beach, both were my Air BnB cash cows, but the ‘rona shutdown meant everyone had canceled or been forced to cancel. The world had come to a standstill. Except the bloody banks hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon! They still expected my mortgage payment every week! I had asked, even begged, for them to give me a break, but my local bank manager had just nodded his agreement to the times are tough argument and said my letter had gone to the higher-ups and it was out of his hands now! That was three weeks ago and I only had a couple more mortgage payments in me. Years and years of hard work and sacrifice on the precipice of being for nothing! What the hell was I going to do? I know I’m not alone, there are others in the same boat, but I’m a single woman, without anyone to turn to to ask for help! I have been out stocking supermarket shelves during the ‘rona, I have applied for job after job! I’ve applied for jobs I’m not qualified for and jobs I am way over-qualified for, but now it’s down to the wire. There is no happy ending in sight. The ‘rona won’t kill me directly, but it’s looking like it will be the end of me!