A little poem I wrote upon leaving my country once again:


I have yearned to travel to different shores, 

trying to discover new things, 

and many a country I have travelled, 

as I have spread my wings. 

never have I forgotten the beauty you hold, 

and the feelings you bring from within, 

for when I come home, 

I can truly feel,

harmony settle in.

With your sunburnt landscapes, 

your oceans of turquoise, 

the sugarcane stretching for miles, 

the bananas lining the hills of green,

your children filled with smiles.

You hold a beauty, throughout your lands, 

clearly seen in daylight

But the Southern Cross in the night sky,

Shines down like a jewel in the night

I have to leave this country I love, 

for my heart belongs elsewhere,

but you will always hold 

a special place in my heart, 

as I travel there.

It’s a special time when you realize 

your country sings to you,

In other words, a part of me, 

will always be ‘True Blue’.