May 10 – a dull day, almost…..

This morning I am very happy to say, I got up, sent everyone who needed to go, on their way and did the remainder of yesterday’s Insanity regimen as well as today’s! Holy wow! It felt good to actually finish yesterday’s workout but to follow it up with today’s almost 40 minute one, was a bit tough! Good, but tough.

I am very happy to also say that since beginning this challenge, 64 days ago, I have lost 6 lbs (over 2.5kg) and really started changing the shape of my body. All this through exercise, not really dieting, but just trying to eat better all around whilst living and eating realistically. I have lost 3 of those pounds since starting the treatment (Lypolysis shots) that I have spoken about in previous blogs, but I’ve only had 5 lots of shots out of 12, so I’m not sure how much of this has helped yet. At least I finally got there! I was really concerned it was going to be some measly amount given the little changes I had seen on the scales, so I’m happy I’ve made it to this mark. 

The rest of the day has been spent hanging out with the son and writing the other blog – the one about tweenagers. Not too exciting at all. Unfortunately that all changed when I got a call from our insurance company saying we are not covered for the accident yesterday because our car is still in storage mode, i.e. We put it into a storage insurance mode to ship it to South Korea at the insurance Company Representative’s suggestion, not knowing it would be eternally on storage mode until we called back to take it off. I guess I assumed it would come off after a period of time, like 3 months or something. I mean I even called USAA to discuss other insurance and there was absolutely no mention of the car still being in storage mode. We talked about my husband’s truck being in storage but being driven, we talked about our personal insurance, we talked about the renter’s insurance, there was no mention of my car still being in storage mode, so I gave it no further thought. F**k! I cannot believe this. We don’t remember ever being told we had to call back, is this justification for fighting this? It certainly isn’t very fair when we were only saving such a small amount but it gives the insurance company this giant ‘get out of jail free’ clause! F**k! 

To top it all off, the other guy is now claiming neck injury! Isn’t it funny how that comes up after the fact? He stood around for over two hours just fine, then began unloading everything that was in the truck into another truck along with another guy, yet now he wants to complain! I call a great big fat BS on that! I had come to terms with everything this morning and thought it’s all ok, it’s just a car, it was a minor accident, get over it, now I’m just plain mad! I hate people who scam. I hate being jibbed when you think you’re good. We are so frigging honest, we are good, law-abiding citizens who do everything right and now this is coming to us? I can’t figure out where the justification is, I just don’t know. 

I value any & all feedback/comments you can give me when it comes to situations similar to this. Have you experienced anything like it? We are so on top of all of our affairs, we know what is going on and are very aware of everything that needs to be actioned and when. We both have excellent records for everything because we are so on top of all our affairs, Yet here we are facing this kind of crap. I’ve lost a little faith in the system. I’ve lost a little faith in karma, I’ve lost a little faith in people. 

I hope your day is so much better!