Challenge Accepted Day 20

Well, another day in paradise……. Ok, we’re still waiting for it to turn into paradise, but another day in beautiful South Korea! 😊 Last night was interesting at the Hail and Farewell, it was a long night, much longer than either of us expected it to be, that’s for sure. It was ok though. It’s always weird in the military world because you meet people (spouses in particular) and think are you going to be one of those people who’s all about the rank or are you just going to be a really nice, down to earth kind of person or are you just going to be someone so very different from me that we don’t have anything in common? It’s weird. It’s like a little world unto itself being a military spouse. For the most part, military spouses are awesome. They are some of the most incredible, strong, resilient people you will ever meet. They are Jills of all trades and masters of many too! They are educated (maybe not all of them in terms of University degrees – but a lot are) but they have pulled through situations most people can only begin to imagine. And most of the time, they are pretty down to earth people! We know we are moving constantly, we know we have no idea where we’ll be in five years. We know that most of us don’t give a damn about the rank of someone else’s husband/wife, it’s not about that, it’s about connecting with people who know what sort of life you lead. It’s about connecting with people who understand the challenges we all go through. And even when we meet a young spouse who is just starting off this crazy journey, you want to connect with them because you want to help them deal with the craziness ahead and give them the tools and resilience to make it, in this world of its own. 
When I first met my husband, I had no idea what this world was all about. In fact, my sister and I were throwing a party at our house in Bahrain (a small island just off the coast of Saudi Arabia for those of you who aren’t familiar) and we invited a number of American Navy guys we had met (having no idea of their ranks or what that meant). A number of them arrived and left shortly after, explaining to us they couldn’t stay because they were Officers and their immediate subordinates (enlisted) were at the party and it was unacceptable for them to stay. The Navy was very strict when it came to fraternization (socializing with an enlisted soldier that falls under your command). My hubby was enlisted and wasn’t concerned about any of that, he was an E3 at the time, meaning he was pretty low on the totem pole. Anyway, my sis and I were upset they left but had a great night nonetheless. It was only years later after living in Sicily with hubby, I began to understand just how serious fraternization was; the girls who organized my baby shower both worked at a bank together and were great friends. They both came to my shower (which was a ‘hubby’s invited’ party) but one of them couldn’t have her husband there because every other person there was enlisted and he was an Officer!  How crazy is that? 
Years later, my hubby is now an Officer and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because he worked hard to get here, we both did actually. He gave up the Navy, got out. Went to a Fire Academy in San Antonio and became a firefighter only to be told there wouldn’t be a job for at least 2 years. He then put himself through University whilst supporting his Aussie wife (who couldn’t work legally to begin with then couldn’t find a job that covered the cost of childcare making it worthwhile to leave her baby) and his daughter. He joined an ROTC program and became an Officer in the Army. I am still so proud of all he accomplished! Yet I hate it because I am immediately judged as being an Officer’s wife. Like I give a damn about that crap! If you’re awesome, then I like you, I don’t really give a crap where your hubby falls on the totem pole. I’ve been there. If you’re not so awesome, again, don’t care what rank your hubby is, it truly doesn’t matter! The only other thing that really bothers me is we can’t hang out as a couple with other couples who fall under my husband. I’ve met some amazing people that I really liked, both wife and hubby, but one of them has been one of hubby’s soldiers meaning it was a no-go as far as couple friendship goes. 😕 Boo. But, here we are in South Korea, just getting to know people, so I’m hopeful the people I meet aren’t going to judge, are just going to be themselves, and so far, so good. I actually even made a mistake. Yes me. Sometimes we have to admit when we are wrong and I am admitting I was wrong right now. Last Friday, I went to the local market with a couple of new acquaintances (hopefully on their way to being friends) and I said I was concerned these women wanted to have lunch with me just because of my husband’s rank. I was wrong. Actually, it was in very poor character for me to say that. So I formally take it back. They weren’t out to do that. I know this because I couldn’t go and I saw them the next day talking to every new spouse who had arrived and they all went out to lunch. Yay for them and boo to me. I am really glad I was wrong and I shall never make such poor assumptions again! 
So back to last night. I actually knew a couple of people! I’m not a super social person. My Mum is. She’s the most sociable person I know. My Dad has this saying that goes something like this: “The pope stands up at St Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican and he looks out at the crowded mass of people with my Mum standing beside him and the people say, G’day Lyn, how are you?” Something like that anyway. We can be anywhere and my Mum will find someone she knows, it’s crazy. She is just this amazing person when it comes to interacting with other people! I am more like my Dad. I pretend to be social but I’m a bit of an introvert. I’m not good in big groups. I get uncomfortable and awkward. I wish I didn’t and I try to go against it when I can, in fact my husband was fooled for a couple of years after we married that I was and extrovert. Don’t get me wrong, I love having big groups of people over to my house (he doesn’t), we throw amazing Halloween parties, I just don’t talk to a big group of people all at once, I’m more of a one-on-one kind of person, one-on-two at most. Unless I know you all well. Then it’s a different story. So I really pushed myself out of my comfort level last night and went and said hello to a girl we knew in Hawaii. Hubby was like, “well do you know her that well?” I said, “she came to our house, I know her well enough to go and say hi!” Anyway, she immediately gave me a hug and was so welcoming, knew exactly who I was. Yay. The next one was a bit of a failure. I recognized this woman from Hawaii, I used to sit in meetings with her at least once a month. I walked up to her and said hi, she put her arms out to hug me, so I immediately thought she recognized me, I hugged her back, she said welcome to Korea it’s very nice to meet you, I thought, oh crap, she doesn’t remember me (I’m not a stranger hugger) and I said how are you, it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other in Hawaii, she said, “oh, you were in Hawaii?” I felt mortified inside and said, “yes!” And named a few names of mutual friends and what not. Then she calls her husband over and tells him we were in Hawaii and he’s like yes, I know, not helping his wife at all! Then I felt embarrassed for both of us, so made small talk and said good bye! Talk about being in a terrible level of uncomfortableness! Other than that social mishap, there were some nice, seemingly genuine people there and although a long night, where my children were very much done by the end of it (halfway through to be honest), it was ok.
Today we attended the ‘Eggstravaganza’ on the base (or Post if you’re a true Army person) and it was ok. There was only one food tent, not acceptable in my books and an opportunity missed by many, but I don’t know the reason behind it so I shall not judge too much until I know more reasons behind why there wasn’t more diversity and why FRGs weren’t there fundraising by selling food. Anyway, other than lack of food choices, it was good. Kids had a blast. We even ran into people we knew. We only stayed for an hour or so because we were all starving. 

I really screwed up all our plans for this weekend too! I wanted to visit a friend I made on our way over here to South Korea (that’s a story unto itself that I shall share on here another day)! She lives in an area that has blossoms blooming now and I said we would come. Problem is we have a curfew. Then I read the cherry blossom thing happened on this Sunday (a school night), so I thought no, it’s Easter Sunday, that won’t work. Then she and I messaged each other back and she said it was at night and I thought that definitely wouldn’t work, being a Sunday night and all. Then we messaged each other again and she said no it’s Saturday that this festival is on and I said we had plans, at least I thought we did. Hubby did have a meeting this morning, but at first there was supposed to be an egg hunt in my little neighbourhood (at 0630 this morning, I realised that wasn’t going to happen) then I thought we were having dinner with a couple tonight; hard to explain, we are looking after their cats whilst they go away, again a neighbourhood thing, we went to meet her and she seemed like a really awesome person and my kids and I really liked her from the minute we met, and we are having dinner together so we can meet her hubby, she can meet mine. She also lived in Australia for a number of years and just seems like my cup of tea! Anyway, I got the dates wrong and it’s next weekend we’re doing that! Silly me. So then I message my friend and say I screwed up, maybe we can come now, but she’s got all sorts of things going on there and it’s a no-go! So, we end up at the little festival, where there’s no food, followed by lunch in the food court, followed by wondering around the Ville that is outside of the post. It was suggested by another acquaintance (on her way also to being friend) that we travel to a place called Asan, but by the time we finished eating, hubby was done and wanted to wonder around close by rather than drive anywhere. 
We had fun in the Ville, he ordered a tailor-made suit, (I know right) and we enjoyed ourselves as a family. There were a couple of stores that made us laugh including the local ‘Hooters’. We came home and watched ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ and now it’s card night in our house, so I am being called as I write this!

I did T25 TBC. It was hard but I am certainly doing much better. I was even able to fast forward before the DVD froze so that worked out as well. My back is a tad sore though as I write this so I may have done one of the exercises not quite right. I weighed myself this morning and I was down over 2 lbs or about 1kg! Yay! Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten as well as I could have today. But I’m really happy it’s at least showing on the scales finally! I did my Redefine regimen also this morning, using the Microdermabrasion paste whilst I was in the shower and it felt great! I really wish I was using Reverse too, it makes a huge difference for sun damage from what I’ve seen. I’m thinking that will be my follow-up challenge. By the way, there are going to be some modifications in this challenge as I’ve realised the Rodan + Fields is a 60 day challenge and T25 is a 70 day challenge. It may just be a continuous thing with the Reverse regimen continuing on from where the Redefine left. I’ll keep you posted. 
So I’m being called again and must say adieu! I did start the day with a homemade cappuccino too (as per the photo) & realised I didn’t miss coffee as much as I thought I did. Also, note to self, in a humid environment, keep your turmeric latte mix in the refrigerator otherwise it will get mouldy! Yuck! Well, the Easter Bunny should make an appearance tonight so here’s hoping he, or she comes to your neck of the woods! 

Happy Easter!

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