Challenge Accepted Day 23

Today started out rough! I have an extremely upset stomach and it has been a truly rough morning! I did however have a little chuckle when just before I went up to do Total Body Circuit, my darling son said to me, “Are you going to do exercise Mummy?” “Yes” was my response, he then followed with “I’m going to do exercise with you cause I need focus!” The proper name for the T25 program is Focus T25 & I guess he’s picked up on when they say ‘Focus’ during the start up of every DVD. He also loves whispering “BeachBody” just like they do on every DVD. It’s hysterical! 

So I struggled with TBC today and was a bit pissed off after nailing cardio yesterday! Crazy how your energy levels can be so different in the span of 24 hours. I didn’t push too hard today as I was trying to listen to my body and how it wasn’t feeling so great so no run for me just the 25 minute workout and 3 minute cool down. I then showered and did my morning Redefine regimen using the AMP MD. It felt lovely. I exfoliated and shaved, prepping my body for some Rodan + Fields Essentials tanner tomorrow. We have a big day on Thursday with a ceremony for hubby taking his new role and I want to look nice for it. I’ve got my dress sorted but have just seen that the shoes I want to wear are broken so I may just have to try to repair them today. Oh this not having a car and all the conveniences it offers, sometimes gets frustrating. I’m not really sure how I’m going to repair it but I’ll find a way. The elastic bit in the photo is all stretched and the shoes aren’t tightly doing up so I’ll have to find something else to substitute that elastic bit with. Here’s hoping there’s something in the sewing kit that will work and that I have a needle strong enough to poke through the synthetic material of the shoes. 

So I have pretty much laid down all day after the morning routine with a stomach feeling like it wants to explode. I finally got hungry and made the mistake of eating a hard boiled egg on toast. Now it is sitting in my tummy and I feel like I want to throw up. Dear son isn’t doing very well as far as his tummy is concerned either! Not sure what is going on! We are just watching Doc Martin on Netflix (a British show that appeals to my sense of humour). And now dearest eldest daughter has come home not great either. So this shall have to do for the blog today. I do hope you and yours are well and safe. We here shall be having a very low key night. 

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