Challenge Accepted Day 32

Well, hello Thursday and what an interesting day it has been. I started off my day with a bit of a sore throat and feeling really kind of blah. Hubby was gone for the day by the time I got up, yes, late nights and early mornings are a part of the Army life sometimes, so I got the kiddos ready for the day and remembered that Hunter and I were due to check out a Korean school with my neighbour (yes, the same lady I was planning on going with last time until our plans got confused). I could have easily not worked out, a sore throat, I was tired, I lacked motivation, I almost called my neighbour and said no because I wasn’t feeling well. I would have then sat on the couch doing nothing all day, feeling sorry for myself because my throat hurt and I would have missed out on all I did today! Sometimes, the worst thing we can listen to is that inner voice that wants to not do anything. Motivation is simply a mind game and sometimes it’s a tough mind game, but if you want something badly enough, you have to go for it. As Nike says ‘Just Do It!’ So, I ‘just did it’ today! Thank god it was cardio and not Total Body Circuit or my inner voice may have won that battle. But I realized as I was actually doing the cardio workout that tomorrow is my final Total Body Circuit workout (alpha round is coming to a close) and the last 7 minutes of the workout doesn’t actually work nor does the cool down portion, at all. The DVD also stops and starts a number of times throughout the other 18 minutes, so I may just substitute it with another cardio session and add some push-ups, spider ups, squats, you know, all those hellish moves that Shawn T makes you do in TBC! Yuck! Anyway, it’s another double, so who am I kidding, I probably won’t add any extra stuff on because I’ll be exhausted. The running has had to take a side step because I started feeling shinsplints and I just couldn’t take the chance of over exerting myself. Not when I really want to complete this T25 challenge and when I am accountable to all of you who read this.
As far as the skincare goes, my skin is feeling fabulous today! So much better and not tender at all. I didn’t use the AMP MD last night. I really just felt that I should perhaps give my skin another night to feel relaxed before I use it tonight (toNIGHT being the operative word)! I did however have some other fun with my face today, but more on that in a minute.
So, I finished the cardio and suddenly felt exhilarated! It was like all that negative energy disappeared, and, I kid you not, it literally went away and I felt great. Yesterday things didn’t quite work that way. Yesterday I was exhausted and the workout didn’t help! I lay on the floor like a seal that had had its fill of fish and decided that laziness was literally the only option. Not today, and I am so thankful I didn’t give in to my inner lazy voice, had I done that, today wouldn’t have worked out like it did.
I hurried to have a shower and get dressed, 5 minutes later my neighbour was knocking on the door ready to take us to the kindergarten. It’s a Korean school and it’s free for Koreans because it is a public school but foreigners have to pay. I don’t mind though, outsiders should have to pay to support the economy and education. It’s not expensive either, the only thing is, no one speaks English. Yes, just a wee hurdle, but hey, how can one submerse a child into the local culture more than sending them to a school where they only speak the local language? I’m kidding. I am a tad nervous, my neighbour seems very calm about it but I’m not so sure. What I do know is my son turns 4 in May and he hasn’t been to any formal daycare/kindergarten yet. There is a waiting list here (on post) and it’s expensive. This Korean school is 200,000 won (less than US$200 p/month) and is for 5/days a week, 9-3 and includes lunch. I am not sending him for 5 days a week and they were all in a bit of shock about that, but this is his first time being away from me, I think 3 days will suffice. And he’s my last little one, I’m in no hurry to be rid of him every day, but he needs his social time and I need mine. So three days a week will work for us. Next thing you know, I’m signing all the paperwork and getting him registered when I thought oh bugger, I haven’t even confirmed this with hubby. Oh well, if he had major issues, I would have canceled, but we had discussed it, so hopefully all is ok, and luckily, he was good with it, obviously noting that the first month or so will be a trial period, thereafter we shall see. It’ll be Summer holidays thereafter so he’ll have just gotten used to the place then have to go on Summer break, so I guess we shall just take each and every day as it comes. The plan is to make a chart with common ailments that Hunter can just refer to, that way if he really needs something, he can communicate with the teacher and we can go from there. 
So we get back to the house, I send hubby a message letting him know everything and he’s fine with it, just as I knew he would be and I’m scrolling through Facebook (there are dishes and all sorts of things waiting for me to tackle them) when I see all these makeup tutorials about contouring and using a spoon to put your eyeshadow on and I think, “Why not?” Dear son is playing Lego beside me, involved in his own world, why shouldn’t I go and have some grown up fun and play with some make up. Now here’s what you need to know about me; I care about my appearance, yes. I rarely wear makeup and when I do, it is very light. My hair is always up in a ponytail or hidden under a hat because it’s easier that way (and I love hats). Today, I sat down and attempted to contour my face. It was pretty funny. At first I looked very much like a weirdo and I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out, but it came out ok. There was some dredging up of old makeup that was too dark for me and makeup that was too light for me and I used both of them to come up with the best possible contouring I could for me given I have no knowledge of this prior to today. Btw, if you don’t know what contouring is, it’s where makeup artists and home makeup lovers alike use both light and dark to give the face glamour and shape and other stuff that it doesn’t have naturally. I even wore my contouring makeup to the bus stop, though I did grab a cotton makeup pad and give my entire face a wipe down prior to going, it was just way too much makeup for daytime anything! Anyway, the results were ok. It felt caked on and I felt like a fraud, but that’s me in the first photo with my pretty frock (aka dress) and my hair and ‘contoured’ makeup and here’s some more showing where I even attempted using a plastic spoon to outline the eyeshadow: 

 I took a couple of selfies not long before the bus was due and even put on a pretty dress and sort of did my hair (the dress came off and the hair was downgraded prior to child bus stop pick up also). It was fun and different and maybe I’ll do this for the ‘gala’ in May. We’ll see. It took way too much time for my liking and I don’t often have an hour to spare to do nothing but makeup. And I’m not sure how people can do that sort of stuff daily or even weekly, it took a lot from me. Nonetheless, it kept me entertained today. And I know what I’m going to do with my hair for the gala. I’m telling you, I need to have a lot of advanced notice to do anything fancy with my hair as I can’t stand doing it. My sister is a hair stylist too and I got none of those genes. But this is easy, should take about 10 minutes and really can’t go wrong, just the way I like it. As for the makeup, a lot could go wrong there. I’ll think on that. 
My afternoon was spent entertaining a new friend for Hunter. He doesn’t really have any friends his age and this little boy (4) came knocking on the door (with his father in tow) asking to play with Hunter. Dear son was out the front in our minute yard playing and welcomed the company, so the two of them played for a good hour and a half. It was funny though because all this little boy wanted to do was come inside and I just didn’t want anyone inside, so it was a tug of war between him asking and me saying to just stay outside and play. I even brought lots of toys back outside, but he just really wanted to investigate the inside of the house. Eventually he had a screaming fit when he wanted to use the toilet and I called out to his Dad to come and get him and he didn’t want to go. Kids. Life is so tough! 
On the food side, well today was a terrible failure as far as calories were concerned. I made crepes for breakfast and gave them to dear son with strawberry cream cheese, and for myself, made a béchamel cheese sauce that I poured over ham. Lovely! I had it again for lunch and dear son had the same strawberry cream cheese and we both sat there exclaiming just how wonderful our crepes were. Then for dinner, I popped some chicken into a marinade consisting of lemon, soy sauce, honey, garlic and tahini sauce, it was a bit too thick so I added a cup of Pinot Grigio white wine to it and let it all marinate in a zip lock bag for an hour. Wow! Talk about yummy. We had the chicken inside of pita bread with cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato with a tad more tahini on top and just yum. No regrets from moi. 

Well, I think I shall say adieu for now and wish you all a marvelous day and/or night. Tonight I shall attempt the AMP MD once again and I’m fairly confident all will be ok but I shall definitely let you know in the morning. Here’s cheers to Friday and the beginning of Spring break for those of us here……..

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