Challenge Accepted Days 54/55 and Days 12/13

Saturday, a day of relaxation, of rest? Family time? Extracurricular activities? For us it has been interesting. I awoke before 7, ready to face the world (well ready for a cup of coffee and maybe a few minutes to myself before the kids awoke). Not to be, I’m afraid, they must have been waiting for the most minute noise as the second I opened our bedroom door, they came bounding down the stairs ready for breakfast, Milo’s (the Australian chocolate malted drink) and much conversation! Luckily I can semi-function before coffee on most days, the volume just can’t be at atomic decibel level! They kept it at a reasonable, yet soft pace. We breakfasted, drank our respective drinks, discussed the day ahead, having no idea where we’d end up for the afternoon. 

We tidied, I tortured the kids a little by making them do chores rather than just play on their iPads/tablets (seriously I am a mean Mummy). I was hoping to get in a workout before leaving but that didn’t happen as we all ended up having to rush about to get to where we were going; Hubby & kiddos to look at a car and I was off with my German friend to get the second lot of Lipolysis shots followed by the electronic muscle stimulator for 20 minutes. And wow! It’s a completely different place on a Saturday with the interior filled with both Koreans and Americans alike. We ended up having to wait for forever! Thank god this Korean lady, whose face was covered in plastic wrap (ceran/cling wrap type stuff) with some sort of cream under it, let us go on ahead of her, otherwise we would have been there for at least another 30minutes waiting. 
It was interesting. I don’t think I mentioned exactly the process for these shots, but basically the doctor’s wife (who is a nurse, I think) slaps you as she gives you the shots. It’s hysterical! I’ve never seen anything like it! I guess the slap, that happens right beside the shot and doesn’t hurt as such because it’s like a loving slap (I know, it’s weird) takes the sting away from the shot going in. And she does this for every shot. She is a master slapper (pardon the pun) after all!

I was finally done and had agreed to meet the husband in the food court. My friend and I couldn’t get a park so she dropped me off and continued on her way. I met up with hubby and the kids and we went for the obligatory check outside of the gates, suddenly I remembered it was Saturday and Mike’s auction house was actually having a real auction. Off we went!

Not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that we all attended this auction. I am normally a believer in everything happens for a reason, I don’t necessarily think today was our reason for attending the auction! It was different. It was cool. I bought my girlfriend and her daughter their birthday presents (can’t show you photos, their birthdays are in June and I’ll have to post them Monday). Anyway, that, in and of itself was cool. Hopefully they like them! Then I made a few bids on some fun stuff; a genie lamp US$10, a Chinese teapot, US$10, an old Korean teacup US$5. I also wanted this beautiful room divider but bidding started at US$50, then I, and possibly everyone else in the room, noticed a big water mark/stain on the second panel in from my left. No. No one made a bid. I was going to say something but they removed that thing faster than a Venus fly trap captures her pray! So no go on my possible bid! Anyway, I walked out of there $40 less than I started with but it was worth every penny. Here’s hoping my girlfriend and her daughter love the uniquely Korean pieces I bought each of them! And I do dearly love my genie lamp (the girls and I have been trying to get Aladdin’s genie to pay us a visit)! To no avail of course! The kids were starving by the time we left the auction house, so it was time to get some food. This Mummy took a big fat no stance to going to same ole same ole, so I said to the hubby to check out the menu at my favourite thai place, so he did. Low and behold, guess where we ate dinner? Now I should have taken a stand when they gave me crap in the town about what I was eating, seriously, stick to your guns next time, Sheryn! No to the peas, cucumber and zucchini, yes to tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and galangal/lime/chilies and everything else that makes my fave soup! We were having this conversation about how he always wants to go to the same place then he said if we go to the Thai restaurant, I’ll just want my favourite soup, so I said I would have something different for dinner. He enjoyed himself but doesn’t like those three above mentioned greenery items either. Next time, ichsnay on all of those things!

Otherwise, we had a truly great day! Hubby went into work last night to ensure all was good, whilst the kids and I hung out here. I had one of those epic phone conversations with my sister and finally finished up close to midnight. This girl was done. I had written the blog, but I hadn’t proof read it and I wasn’t about to make the same mistake again without proof reading myself or getting hubby to, and honestly, it’s a good thing I didn’t as Friday’s blog notes were attached to the bottom of it! After giving it some thought though, I think weekends will be combined from now on because we are trying to fit a lot of stuff into our weekends and I really enjoy hanging out with my family too, so it’s just easier. Speaking of hanging out with the family, we all went for our first family bike ride through the rice paddies this morning and it was fabulous! We had such a lovely time. Hunter got a bit cranky but only because his little legs have to travel at a pace well beyond any of ours and he is still having trouble riding up and down hills and over not-so-smooth roads. But he impressed us all nonetheless. I also did Insanity Pure Cardio this morning, but didn’t get to Cardio Abs so will do them tomorrow if possible. This week is going to be a bit crazy actually, so we’ll see. I have a potato bake (scalloped potato) baking in the oven and yummy steaks marinating in wine/Italian dressing/balsamic vinegar/garlic/soy sauce, and we are heading off to an afternoon barbecue on this beautiful day. I have been very thorough with my Rodan + Fields skincare regimen throughout the weekend and will do my MACRO tonight. I’m excited to see pictures of my face 60 odd days ago compared to today! My skin feels precious. My skin, I think looks great, so I guess we’ll see in 5 days. I hope you and yours are smashing. 
I hope you have a wonderful day and/or night, wherever you are!
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