The Elephant in the Room – or not

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room, Donald Trump is the President elect. So what does that mean for us? Well, firstly, what a surprise! Even the pundits didn’t predict that one! Secondly, obviously a majority of Americans are ready for some big changes. To give the leadership of the United States of America to a man with no political experience, a man who’s promises on his first day of being the President include (but aren’t limited to) to “repeal and replace Obamacare,” to “terminate every single unconstitutional executive order signed by President Obama” and “begin implementing plans for construction of a wall along our southern border” is making a huge statement. The American people have spoken and there is a divisive line between the people. For me, well I’m a middle of the roader; some of my beliefs fall to the left and some fall to the right. A big wall seems to me like a big waste of money and something that will cause more trouble than it will actually help. Look at my last blog on the DMZ, walls do nothing. If people want to come in (or get out) they’ll do whatever they have to do. I’m still yet to hear where that money to build the wall is coming from Mr Trump. As far as I can tell, you’re cutting taxes for everyone, particularly the rich, so where the hell are you going to get money for anything from? 
Ok, let’s discuss those tax cuts (please don’t forget that I am but a layperson trying to simplify this for my readers) “the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan.” Mr Trump has said he will cut the current 7 tax brackets to just 3:
Less than $75,000 – 12%

$75,000 – $225,000 – 25%

More than $225,000 – 33%

On the business side of it, the business tax rate would go from 35% to 15%. 
There are many more complicated tax plans and promises within this very basic explanation, some of which I think are great, some of which I question. If you google Mr Trump’s tax plan, you will find a lot more information. Here is a table showing the 2016 tax brackets to compare what we’ve had thus far:

Alright I’m not too savvy when it comes to accounting, so I won’t keep going on the tax side of it, but at least you can see on a basic level, what this will mean for you and your family, let’s get back to discussing what this presidency means in other ways.

I love, love, love his promise to root out corruption in Washington! The people have spoken and they are sick and tired of the political BS that’s going on and want change and big change at that! The pledge to make a “constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress” is something I can definitely support, as is a law barring government officials from lobbying the government within 5 years of their service. The freeze on hiring within the federal government could be a bit iffy, but with no money coming in, we might just need it. I also like the fact that military campaigns will remain unpredictable, I never did approve of the announcement of maneuvers prior to their happening, ISIS/ISIL  certainly don’t tell us what their about to do. I do also like the fact that Mr Trump wants to eliminate common core from our schools, this is an absolutely ridiculous system that needs to go! 

Now here’s where I have some huge issues though Mr Trump and really do have to ask the WTF question! Climate change is real! Not a “hoax” as you call it. The evidence is there, it’s happening! Your vow to cut off funding to the United Nation’s climate change programs and to renege on the Paris climate agreement that only went into action last week, is a notion so prehistoric, I have to question your sanity! Thank god Erik Solheim, the head of the U.N. Environmental Program, has said they “will wait and see, and judge American politicians on their actions, not on the different statements they made during the campaigns.” But unfortunately, it seems one of your first actions has been to appoint a climate skeptic, Myron Ebell, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when you do take office. Mr Ebell, in my humble opinion, is a complete tosser that seems to be so ignorant of climate change that his head is somewhere up his arse near his intestines. I am truly flabbergasted by the ignorance both you and Mr Ebell have of the importance of our earth and the environment that surrounds us. You say you want to rid Washington of the corruption, to “drain the swamp,” yet you are allowing big oil to continue to do whatever the hell they want, no matter the consequences. 

Please Mr Trump, please listen to 93% of scientists who say that climate change is a real thing and we humans are making it occur far more rapidly than it would if we weren’t here doing so many stupid things in an effort to make our lives more comfortable. Please listen to the other countries throughout the world who all understand that we have to do something before it’s too late. Please understand that we are not some weirdo ‘greenies’ doing this to get attention. There is evidence that the climate changes are happening far more rapidly than ever before. There is evidence that climate change is very real. This is not science fiction and this is not something that we can stick our head in the sand and hope it goes away. The people have spoken and they have chosen you to represent both them and their families’ needs, now, and in the future. Make the changes for the good of the people, get rid of the corrupt politicians but get rid of the corruption within the energy industry too and realize that by recognizing climate change, you are not being a ‘greenie’ you are merely taking a common-sense stand on an issue that will effect us all. 

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