Chalk Paint Table Makeover

I love to DIY and I normally have numerous projects going on at once, which my husband absolutely hates because he is a ‘one tasker’ – you know the type, you could well be one too, complete one project before moving on to the next. Not me. I’m not sure why it is but I’ve always been like that. I get bored doing one thing or waiting for it to finish or have to stop because of budgetary constraints, so I move on to the next thing whilst biding my time.

Currently on my project lists I have the master bathroom project (which has come to a grinding halt until hubby takes some time off later in the month and we replace the counter top and sinks etc). I have also begun with our main floor stair makeover (you can see pics of that in a later blog), I have one painting I’m in the midst of (yes, I’m trying to establish myself as an artist as well, with a store on Etsy, though that now needs to be updated as my paintings have all expired, so I’ll add that to my current projects (here’s the link to it: Le Shez Boutique). Back to the painting; it has me a little vexed as to where to go with it to improve it, so it’s been benched at this point in time. Finally, I have the project that this blog is about: my side table makeover.


We’ve had this table since we lived in Italy, it wasn’t a cheap purchase but it certainly isn’t of the quality that furniture used to be made of either. It has a veneer coating and has certainly travelled well, having moved with us into nine different houses, including two overseas moves! I’ve always liked the design but the large chips in it and the differing tastes in both houses and changes in tastes in myself, mean I also now find it outdated and ugly with potential.

One other thing I always do is keep an eye out for bargains that may come in handy at some point in time for some particular project I know I will do in the future, or for a project I didn’t even know I wanted to do just yet, and that’s exactly how I came across this chalk paint. LIDL (a German store that rivals ALDI) has so many of these bargain things that sometimes I have to say no to shopping there! But when I saw the below pictured chalk paint for about $5, I knew exactly where I could use it! So onto table restoration I went (in between waiting for coats to dry on said staircase).


The first thing I had to do was obviously dust it off and remove the handles. If you want to paint them (the handles), spray paint is probably your best option, but I chose not to in this case thinking they were in great condition as is. I then gave the table a very light sanding. I used 220 grit sandpaper. You have to be very careful when sanding veneer that you do not go too deep with your sanding. After I had lightly sanded everywhere, it was on to filling in the accidental scratches and divets that were not helping this table age gracefully! I used MINWAX Stainable Wood Filler, for no other reason than that it was the one that looked easiest to use and was a good price in the store. I needed something that I could paint and stain (for my piano project that will happen one day) and something that could be sanded – this was perfect. I filled the scratches, waited for the filler to dry then sanded it down once more. I also grabbed something I could get all the grime out of the cracks with, the fact that it happened to be a stem from an edible fruit arrangement received sometime over the past 10 years did not go unnoticed by me, but you know that’s why I keep this crap around! You never know when something like that will come in handy!

I cleaned the table once more with damp paper towel then began the process of painting it. I wasn’t too fussed about it looking perfect after the first coat, given I knew it would require at least two coats of my base color.

First coat:IMG_7828

Second Coat (the paint is still drying in this photo):


Now it was a matter of what to do next. I wasn’t actually using chalk paint for the next part, I had leftover ceiling paint (flat white) and thought it would be perfect for the effect I wanted. I grabbed both a thin brush as well as a foam brush and dipped into the ceiling paint and tried to focus on the detailed areas that I wanted highlighted in the white paint – the grooves etc. I had a wet paper towel on hand to get rid of/blend anything I wasn’t totally happy with, chalk paint is quite forgiving as long as you don’t press too hard. It was really a matter of going until I was happy with the results. If I wasn’t happy, I’d grab the brush for the chalk paint and paint over whatever it was I wasn’t happy with.

I had some Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Protective Top Coat leftover from our kitchen renovation in Colorado, so I used this to seal the chalk pain in, The whole process literally took less than 7 hours. I’m happy with the results. Hubby and eldest daughter absolutely love it (and were completely surprised because they had no idea this project was on the agenda). Middle daughter isn’t a huge fan, youngest (son) loves it! So I guess a 4/5 isn’t bad right! I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

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Challenge Accepted Day 9

Well, what a day! It all started with a message from my brother-in-law this morning upon waking; “call me asap!” Ok, what is going on? This cannot be good. So hubby calls him, asap! The news isn’t good. Parts of Texas are expecting massive flooding by Wednesday, they’re expecting to have to evacuate. He is raising everything in the house to ensure it stays as dry as possible, and he won’t leave until the last possible minute in case there’s looters, but it’s not looking good. He has hubby’s truck, so will drive that out of there but will leave behind his own car (shit)! Hubby offered to pay for him to drive his car somewhere to high ground just in case, but I think he said no (I’m not really sure to be honest, I’m hoping he has got a plan for it)! The other thing is he’s got some boxes of ours filled with some crap plus three or four special bottles of wine I’ve been collecting over the years, plus he has two paintings of ours, that were only just delivered to him last week after months of bullshit going back and forth between us and the stupid gallery! More about that in a minute. So the plan is to put those on besser blocks as high as he can, if he does have to evacuate. The worst part about it is that he’s got his own stuff to look after as well as ensuring he and his daughter fair safely through the next couple of days and we are nowhere near him to be able to help! Shit! 

Alright, back to the paintings: Hubby and I picked up a beautiful oil painting at an art auction in Hawaii, we got it for so cheap and it’s stunning! Since then we’ve had it valued and it’s worth a lot more than we paid for it, and we feel like we appreciate paintings a little more. In the meantime, I started painting with acrylics, not oils unfortunately, and I’m not great, but I really enjoy it when I have free time. Whilst we were on our cruise, we purchased two more paintings and we feel like we got a great deal, unfortunately though, the art director, Boris, blatantly lied to us when he told us they would deliver it to an APO address (we were mid move, so didn’t actually have our new address at the time). The minute we got an address here, we called the bastards at Park West Gallery who did nothing but give us the runaround for the last 6 weeks! Finally, I said to hubby to ask his brother if we could just send them to him and the paintings arrived there last Wednesday! Timing couldn’t be worse as it now seems, just one more thing for him to worry about that doesn’t belong to him. To say we are frustrated is an understatement, to say we are concerned about his and our nieces safety, is to put it mildly, all in all, not good. To the people of Texas and Louisiana who are already enduring or are about to endure flooding and more devastation, my heart goes out to you! We lived in Texas during Katrina, in San Antonio, so well away from it, but we saw the devastation close enough and had family in Southeastrn Texas who were effected by hurricane’s Rita and Humberto. One of whom was my brother in law! It’s like enough is enough! Let these people be would you! 

Alright, I know I’ve said this is more than a blog about an exercise and skincare product challenge, it’s about all the craziness that goes on in our lives at any given time! But getting back to the exercise side of it. Total Body Circuit was a killer again today! When will it get easier my body keeps asking!  But I did manage to the run a mile with a 5 minute warmup and 6 minute cooldown afterwards, so I felt like I pushed myself beyond this morning!  Here is a photo I took just having completed today’s work out but before doing the cooldown part of it then jumping on the treadmill:

It’s the only selfie that’s happening today! I took another one after I had showered and thought I was ok, but my face was still so red in it from the work out, then I had to go out so threw on just a little bit of loose powder but didn’t want a photo like that and here I am, have to go and pick hubby up shortly, dinner is on (it’s spaghetti night, we alternate from taco Tuesday to spaghetti Tuesday and tonight’s the latter) I was planning on having a nice healthy chicken salad once again for lunch today but my little man asked for a cheeseburger when we were out and both girls were having school lunch – something that happens once a fortnight (every two weeks) so I said yes and he didn’t eat half of it because they piled it with mustard and I was hungry so I ate it. Big mistake for us Mummy’s! We seem to do that a lot. Then we wonder where the extra calories came from, so even though I wasn’t satisfied with my half of a kid’s cheeseburger, I knew that the calorie count would be high and thought I probably shouldn’t eat anything else but some fruit until dinner. Needless to say, we shall be having an early dinner tonight because I’m hungry! 

As far as my skin and skincare regimen is concerned, I wanted to let you know that I did start one other thing last night and it was very last minute  (literally as I was lying in bed, I spotted my brand new box that I had found during my big cleanup yesterday) Redefine Acute Care. 

Now I’ve used these before but never properly (if I’m totally honest, I cut them in half and tried to skimp and save but never got the results that I did even just this morning – obviously because I wasn’t following directions) so if I’m adamant about removing the line that runs vertically between my brows then I should probably throw everything at it I’ve got, right? Anyway, these patches are Rodan + Fields’ solution to injectable fillers. With people reporting similar results to using injectables without having to worry about any of the other side effects. They erase lines whilst you sleep and the results last for about the same time as Botox. So let’s give it a try and you can experience this with me too. I am really excited about sharing this experience with you.

On the up side weather wise here, it was actually quite a lovely day in South Korea, with the temperature gauge hitting 10C! That’s huge! I actually took off my big coat and walked around for a little while with just a long sleeved shirt on! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was like Mother Nature was saying, well, I’m shitting on other people, but you should be happy because I’ve finally brought my winter wrath to an end here! 

I guess today has ended on a note of impending unsuredness. The only thing that matters at the end of the day are human lives and we especially favour my husband’s brother and our niece and our other family members in the area. May everyone in the region get out safely or, even better, let’s just hope those flood waters dissipate somehow! My challenge, our paintings, every other material possession, all mean nothing when compared to loss of human life but I am hopeful all can be saved including (selfish me) stuff! 

Keep them in your thoughts….