Challenge Accepted Day 30

No run today but I did do abs, and that actually went really well. This was followed by a mad dash for the shower so I could drive hubby to work and have the car today. I picked up my friend Sara and we headed off to grocery shop (very exciting, I know) at both a local Korean store as well as at the commissary (the armed forces grocery store where you can get a lot of US staples). It was interesting. 
We started out the adventure at a place called Home Plus. Sara is of Korean heritage so even though she doesn’t speak the language fluently, she has a fairly good grasp of a lot of things, including foods. I ended up buying lots of amazing sweet Korean chips and a few other food items that I never would have tried had she not been with me, and having just opened a packet for Hunter to eat, I can rest assured they were really good. Honey chips. Yum. I bought a couple of bottles of Korean wine too, and something I guess is considered to be a whisky type drink but is very smooth going down. One day I’ll work up the courage to drink it all. Apparently that one sneaks up on you so we’ll see how it goes. 

We wandered around looking at cooking supplies and various other things, I even bought a set of chopsticks that are called learning chopsticks, so my kids can learn to use them and won’t look like crazy weirdo foreigners attempting (& failing) to use chopsticks. I’m excited for them to have a go. The only thing I didn’t think through was that I only bought one set, meaning fights are going to break out now whenever the chopsticks come out. Oh well, it was more for fun rather than serious learning so I didn’t want to spend another 5000 won on a second set. They’ll just have to take turns on different nights. 

We followed our sojourn to Home Plus with a visit to the Air Force Base, it was midweek lunchtime and the place was fairly busy but we got a carpark and were able to eat our lunch without much of a wait too, our only incident occurred when Hunter was in the little indoor play area and a little boy just pushed his head straight into a bar going across. I about lost my mind. I went and got Hunter, who was crying and said to this little boy, “That wasn’t very nice, in fact that was very mean!” I looked around trying to see a parent and couldn’t until eventually, the mother came over and told him to come and say sorry, he didn’t, but he did ask if Hunter was alright, so I let it go. I’m on kid number three, not too much is going to get me riled up, but I don’t like kids who are mean just for the sake of it and this kid was just that. 
Onto grocery shopping we went. My whole day has gone fairly smoothly and I think, I want to buy hubby a nice plant for his office. It’ll keep the air clean and give the place a little bit of life and just be nice. So I did. I picked out this really cute fern type thing. I put it in the trolley (cart) and went about shopping for fresh produce, next thing you know I can hear this really weird noise, I’m wondering what on earth it could be (Hunter has a miniature trolley so I’m looking to see if he has crashed into something) but no, it’s my newly picked out plant, it has fallen over and these large gravel bits are literally pouring out all over the floor. Crap! I go and try to pick up as many as I can but these things have gone everywhere! Hunter and I are down on the floor trying our best to put them back in the pot plant, when eventually I call it and say that’ll do. I should have known then that the plant was possibly jinxed as then they charged me twice for the thing and I didn’t even notice until I got all the way home! Bugger. Hubby had better appreciate it, that’s all I’m going to say. Honestly though, given the number of times Koreans tried to take us (or themselves) out on this trip, I’m going to thank my lucky stars! These people are wonderful, sweet, lovely, normal people, until you put them behind the wheel of a car, then they turn into these crazy, drag racer, speed demon, hellions, looking to risk life and limb to get down the road! Insane! 

 So what’s all this talk about Dolly Parton? Last night (as televised here in South Korea) Dolly performed with Katy Perry at the Country Music Awards. Dolly Parton and Katy Perry, and it wasn’t that bad. I love Dolly Parton. Coat of Many Colors has been a favourite of mine for many, many years and last year, the kids and I sat down and watched Dolly’s movie, they too now love the song because they saw new meaning behind it rather than just having Mummy playing it and singing in her best Dolly imitation! I sound amazing! Well, I do when no one else is in the car with me anyway! Actually even Hunter tells me how wonderful I sound, not anyone else, but at least I have one fan! 😜 So Dolly coming on last night and singing on a show I normally wouldn’t have watched (I’m not into singers, actors, etc awarding themselves for doing their jobs and getting a shit ton of money on top of that)! Anyway, I was looking for the show ‘The Good Wife’ and this was on instead and there were no other interesting options on our hugely diverse AFN (American Forces Network) with its 5 channel range, so I left it on whilst I finished my blog. Hearing in the meantime this crazy notion that Dolly & Katy were singing together. It wasn’t half bad either. I thought Katy Perry (though looking like she was taking the Mickey out of every Country fan but at the same time giving her own twist on traditional country garb) performed very well. When you’re up there on stage beside Dolly Parton, there’s some big boots to fill (figuratively of course). I wish I could see Dolly Parton perform live. My sister and my niece went and saw her and I was so envious! My friend in NZ went and saw her, again, feeling like I should have been there, but no. I guess Dolly and I are never destined to meet, even with me in the audience and Dolly on the stage! Each time I sing in my loud Dolly voice, I shall pretend I’m hearing the real deal! 😆 


My skincare regime wasn’t quite as normal after I finished watching them perform, I looked at my neck and it was very red and a bit sore to touch. I think I may have pressed too hard on the AMP MD or I may even have to face the fact that the AMP MD and I aren’t going to work well together anymore. I would have thought any tenderness would have shown it’s face in the early days, but I am no dermatologist and what I can tell you is that I could see marks on my neck from it and they were stinging. I know that doesn’t do much for the sales side of it, but I have really sensitive skin so I’m a little surprised I have been able to use it this long without incident. I also promised to be honest with you in this blog, always, even when things don’t necessarily go the way I want them to. I shall give the AMP MD a miss today and possibly tomorrow and use it very lightly on Thursday and see how I go and let you know then how it worked out. Today marks my halfway period with Rodan + Fields and I think my skin is looking and feeling better. I’m just trying to establish the reason behind this sudden tenderness. It may even be that diet is playing a role. Who knows. 


Some exciting news for the night is that we are heading to a place called Anmyeondo, it looks beautiful and it’s a beach! A real life beach! And it’s warming up! I may even be able to just sit down and enjoy it (ok that’s highly unlikely given I have a three year old but I can dream right). At least I will be able to go to this place and see if it’s somewhere we can go as a family one weekend. It looks amazing. One of the ladies in the ‘ville’ (what the little estate areas are called here where everyone lives and/or shops) is going and put it out there to see if anyone else wants to come and I saw the post and jumped at the chance. I have been so desperate for warm weather and water and beauty! To say I’m excited is a little bit of an understatement! Hubby can’t come but the kids and I are on Spring break, so we shall go and enjoy ourselves! I have even given him the heads up to not expect us home early and he’ll either have to find a ride or get a taxi home! 
Came to also find out upon hubby’s arrival home that we have a ‘Spring Gala’ to go to on May 6th. Here’s the crazy thing about the Military life, we may go through a lot of stuff and deal with hardships and adventures like very few other people but we also get to dress up and go to Cinderella type balls on a fairly frequent occasion. I couldn’t do it every day, but I do love dressing up every now and again like a princess. This one is a couple of hours away from us so we shall have to figure out some logistics but I think we’ve got most of it sorted out already. My goal to look fabulous before my next birthday just got real. Now I have a ball to dress for on the night before! The bison steak I just ate for dinner tonight along with the garlic bread and mashed potatoes and gravy had better come to a fast and firm end! 

As for everything else, well, it’s all good! I hope it’s all good in your neck of the woods too!

Challenge Accepted Day 29

Good Monday to you and yours. Awoke this morning feeling fabulous! I had a wonderful night’s sleep. Sent both children off on their respective buses when hubby came home so I took the opportunity to take Luna for a run as it was a beautiful day. Well, we got down into the rice paddies and I thought, “should I?” “Is it a good idea?” And, yes, yes it was! There was no one about so I let Luna go and oh how happy she was! I was really worried she would take off and chase the ducks or something but instead, she ventured out to see some white birds but she came straight back and from then on, she didn’t go far and kept looking behind her to make sure I was still there. How wonderful it was for us both, she not choking herself to death by pulling on her leash, me not feeling like I’m slowly Killing my dog because I cannot run a 4 minute mile! Seriously, you could see her smiling. We waved to farmers and had a great run! 

This was followed by a not-so-great workout. I’m not sure what it is about Total Body Circuit (& I have it 2 or 3 times this week) but we don’t mesh! I was exhausted about 3/4 of the way through! I literally had to stop the DVD and do the workout on my own time (fast forwarding to each move or skipping the parts on my DVD that are all messed up but trying to do them myself) in order to get it done! It was downright depressing! I’m on week 5 & still I have my struggle moments with T25! Especially after such a great fun. The day seemed to head on a downhill (soft) slope from there. 

I had to clean. The dust bunnies were taking over. It was a matter of life and death. I couldn’t shower and clean my face until I had finished cleaning the house; who wants to be all lovely and clean then have to vacuum and mop? Not me. I’ve set Robbie up to go daily at 10am but one still needs to use a regular vacuum to get to the nooks and crannies and the ‘oh-so-tedious’ stairs! Seriously when is some going to create a stair cleaning robot? It was a process and I didn’t even get to the dusting as such! I’m not sure how cleaning isn’t a full-time job in and of itself. Especially here! Luckily I’m not the OCD type and could call it when I needed to. And that was about 30 minutes before Madison’s bus arrived leaving just enough time to do my Rodan and Fields regimen and all the other stuff required on a Monday. There was a lot. I did it all including AMP MD. It felt good today. My skin was very much ready and I’m glad I took the break. I also didn’t do my moisturizer mojo over the weekend (you know where I use the leftover hotel lotions to massage those body bits that could do with some extra loving – read the entire blog if you’re sitting there clueless 😜) so I did that today and my bits literally jumped out and thanked me! 

I forgot to mention the incidents that happened in between! My phone rang, it was the elementary school nurse, (not good) she wanted to let me know that Madison had fallen over in the school hallway (no one else was involved in the incident was a point pushed home) and had smashed her chin so hard that it had bruised. Great, she’s a spastic like her mother and here I thought she was the coordinated child! I made sure she didn’t have a headache or anything that needed to be followed up and when given reassurance, hung up, chuckling a little at my ‘unco’ child. I then saw that one of the curtains wasn’t hanging on a little hook (curtains are a little different here in South Korea) & thought I should reattach it which meant some chair climbing/balancing/you know. As I was finally done, I tried to get down thinking that would be the easiest part, & honestly, I can’t really explain what happened next, but somehow my leg whacked the chair (it’s a robust chair as you can see in the photo) and got this giant knot on the inside of my knee. I didn’t even know that could happen! Anyway, it hurt like hell! I couldn’t really walk for a while and all I could think about was that it could finish this challenge midway! Thank god it got better throughout the afternoon with some ice and Hail Mary’s! It was not over…. Ally got home and shared with me that her middle right finger might be broken because a boy in school accidentally whacked her with a Lacrosse stick. What! I have a look at it as soon as we get inside and it looks bruised but ok. Again, thank god! There’s only three days of school left before Spring break but she has exams on Wednesday and Thursday. So Madison asks if she can go out on the street and skate after finishing her homework and I think, “No!” Too many injuries today. So I let her and Hunter go out into our little tiny yard and play together, just as I’m about to call them in Hunter starts screaming and Madison is in a bit of a panic too. “What happened?” I ask. Hunter fell down the stairs and landed flat on his face. Oh, yes, my regular, accident prone, uncoordinated kid has made an appearance today! Yes, I was wondering where he was! Luckily it was just some scrapes to the hands, the face and, somehow, the back of the thigh! It was bath time thereafter and everyone had to be wrapped in cotton wool. I couldn’t do anything more. Luckily, all incidents ended once they were in bed! 

We had tacos for dinner and I opted for lettuce tacos. If you haven’t seen these, they are literally tacos wrapped up using a lettuce leaf. Now the photo shows one but I ate 4. They weren’t that big….. But they were good. I thought I may have missed out by excluding the tortilla but it was honestly really great. I topped up with some baby carrots on the side, but honestly didn’t need to, I am still full, hours later. Tonight I shall endeavor to have another early night as I am taking hubby to work tomorrow so I can have the car and go grocery shopping/perhaps check out some other new Korean stores. Before going to bed, I shall definitely do my Redefine regimen and see you tomorrow on my 30th day (halfway point of the Rodan + Fields challenge & 5 days away from being the halfway point of my T25 challenge – I guess you’ll all want some photos this week) have a great day or night, wherever you may be! 

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