Challenge Accepted! 

So I’ve been thinking about the direction my next blog should take and I’ve had numerous ideas but it just hit me when I was in the shower; I’m going to test products (one of which I actually sell) & let you follow my 60 day journey. 

I’m a Rodan & Fields Consultant and I’ve lost my vibe over the past couple of months because we’ve been in the middle of a massive relocation from Colorado to South Korea, I’ve had three kiddos to take care of in between the big move, we went on a cruise, my hubby has been away for a fair amount of the packing side of this move, we had Christmas in between, I said goodbye to quite a few wonderful friends, and we’ve only just had our household goods arrive here (with my R&F products included). The other challenge is an exercise challenge. I was a heavy smoker for a very long time only giving up smoking forever when I found out I was pregnant with baby number 3! Exercise was something I really didn’t do. I put on a lot of weight with my only son and ate and ate and ate! When he finally came I was bigger than I could ever remember being and I knew it wasn’t going to just drop off me given I was that little bit older now (unfortunately age has a way of slowing down all things weight related). I started to run and found I really enjoyed it. I rigged up a stroller/carrier to hold the baby and my 4 y.o. little girl so I could run after walking my eldest DD to school. We lived in Hawaii right near the beach so it was very easy to enjoy my daily run! I decided I wanted to take part in the Great Aloha Run and I did, eight & a half months after my son was born and I averaged 9.05 (or thereabouts) minutes per mile for the 8 mile run. It was wonderful! I was so proud of myself. I did another run prior to leaving Hawaii and averaged just over 7 mins per mile on that one. Then we moved to Colorado. 

Hills became part of my run. I continued to run but not as much as I used to. Then one day the wheel of my stroller came off as I was running and that brought an end to the outdoor running. We didn’t want to spend the money on another jogging stroller given our son was now almost three so we bought a treadmill instead. It wasn’t the same, but it helped. Unfortunately though, we went to Australia for 5 weeks and I didn’t run as much. We came back and found out we were moving so I repaired and renovated and packed and sorted and ran less and less. Then winter hit and I ran less….. and less. Finally I just stopped with only an intermittent run on the treadmill. We went on a cruise on January 2nd of this year and I did run in the onboard gym on the boat but honestly it makes you feel queezy when you run on a treadmill in a gym and look at the water going by. And it was too cold to use the outdoor track. We came back, packed up, moved to hotel after hotel and started eating out every day. Running went by the by and here I am in very cold South Korea with my newly arrived treadmill.

Where am I going with all of this, where does Rodan & Fields meet running? Well, I am challenging myself to 60 days of running 5 days/week & doing some sort of exercise program (probably a Beach Body program like T25 or Insanity) & to taking the 60 day Rodan & Fields Redefine challenge for my face! I turn 42 years old on May 7! 42! How did that happen? If I can’t get the results I want from my Rodan and Fields products then I’m going to get Botox as my birthday present to me for this horrible verticle wrinkle I have in the middle of my forehead and I am sharing this journey with all of you. As far as the exercise goes, no I’m not going on some crazy diet, I just noticed things getting a tad flabby and I need to tighten them back up as well as reinvigorate myself! Anyway, let’s go on this journey together, let’s see these products/programs in action! If, in 60 days we see the amazing things happen with my skin that I’ve seen happen to others who have diligently followed the prescribed regimen, then you can order your products through me (😉) & I have a friend who’s a Beach Body Coach so I can send you her way if whatever program I choose gives me some good results! So come along with me on this journey. I’m starting on Monday (March 7, South Korean time of course) and I can’t wait. I’ll post daily photos and what I’ve done that day and how I’m feeling as far as both body and skin go. Don’t worry, there will be other blogs in between, I’ve got so much to say and very little time now that my house is in chaos! But more on that later…..

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Aussie Mum’s Adventures

As a lover of so many things, I relish in sharing the diversity of my interests including, but definitely not limited to: writing about whatever catches my attention in the moment, sharing my love for travel through photography and stories, DIY projects that can be anything from curtain revamping to kitchen remodeling, painting, narratives about my children and tips and tidbits for anyone traveling through this thing called life. It’s definitely a journey and with three kids, two fur babies and being married to a military man, I always seem to find the crazy!

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