Challenge accepted Day 1

Ok, so after my big decision to take part in a 60 day challenge of my own doing, I have given lots of thought to how this is going to go. I have been concerned about doing a Beach Body program and I have been worrying about the angle I should approach the Rodan and Fields challenge. A friend suggested I do a challenge group and although I love this idea, I thought: A, I don’t have enough time to get people to participate and B, this isn’t that sort of blog. But, and this is a big but, if you at any time want to come on board with me and do either or both of these challenges, then please let me know and we can get you all set up with products and/or the beach body program of your choice. 

I hummed and haahed about which beach body program to do and my hubby wanted to do Insanity but if you know anything about that program, you know that you have to be in reasonably fit shape to be able to do it and complete it and I didn’t feel like I was there yet so I asked him instead to do T25 with me. As the title implies, this is a 25 minute program (as hubby also pointed out, there are no breaks in it, so it could be considered as hard as Insanity) with a 3 minute cool down. The fact that it only takes 28 minutes total though is what I really like about it. I’ve done it before and enjoyed it. But as with so many other things and probably one of my biggest flaws, I didn’t follow through. I finished the program but didn’t take after photos, or my weight or measurements or anything. Why wouldn’t I do that you might ask, I don’t know! But I think this is another reason why I have taken on this challenge; I want to commit to something and do it properly and finish it and I expect all of you to hold me accountable! 

As with every challenge there have already been some hiccups; we spent all weekend cleaning and putting away all the ‘stuff’ that just arrived and I mean all weekend! It was a mammoth job! We are a few thousand pounds over our weight allowance coming here so we’re going to get a nice bill from the US Government unfortunately. On top of that, we went from a 3800 sq ft house in Colorado with a big back yard to an 1800 sq ft house here so we had to sell some of the stuff we brought with us (that we’re going to have to pay for) before we could even begin to unpack! We are definitely not on top of it as far as being ahead of our impending bill with the sale of a few pieces, so I am not very happy with myself right now (but the hoarding side of me is for another blog on another day)! Anyway, we got enough room upstairs to be able to exercise, yet hubby reminded me this morning there is no DVD player up there to be able to use! In my haste/working m.o. I completely forgot I had given away the DVD player we had in Colorado! We have one in our bedroom and one in the main downstairs tv room, but none in the upstairs area. Luckily, we do have an all-region pioneer did player from my Bahrain days (it’s about 14 years old) but I’m going to have to find it today in the crazy mess that still exists downstairs! 

So, the plan for today is this: I’ve already run a mile on the treadmill, I did a 5 minute warm-up, with an 8min 37sec mile in between and a 5 min cool-down. I also found out this morning that during our move, the movers have broken the incline part of the treadmill, surprisingly that’s all they broke on it, given the state it arrived in! Not happy, but what can you do. So, I shall spend my day putting more stuff away and getting more organized with the intent to find the pioneer did player so that when hubby comes home this afternoon, we can do T25 together. I don’t like exercising in the afternoon though, so this won’t work for me in future, but for today, it will have to do. As far as the mile goes, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I didn’t push myself super hard, just ran with it not really worrying about my pace. My plan is to do 1 mile daily for the first week of this challenge and see how I feel and go from there as to whether or not to increase my miles. I really need to see how my body goes with doing both T25 and running. On a more personal note, I am putting out some before photos of my body below. This is a huge deal. Yes, very raw photos, just like the one of my face as the article’s featured image. It’s scary. These are going out there on the World Wide Web and normally we do everything we can to make ourselves look beautiful and perfect and hide our flaws and I am putting mine out there for everyone to see! I’m not going to go so far as to share my weight or measurements with you though, but I will let you know how much, if any, I have lost at the end of 60 days. And I will of course put my afte photos out there as well!m

Now, onto the skincare side of it, well I started with the Redefine Daily Cleansing mask, followed by step 2, the Redefine Pore Minimizing Toner then step 3, the Redefine Triple Defense Treatment. Tonight, I shall use the same first two products followed by the Amp MD roller (do a YouTube search for how to use this tool, I’ve seen some amazing results on other people when they use this consistently so I’m really excited to use it) followed by what I like to term ‘liquid velvet’ aka Redefine Night Renewing Serum, followed by the Redefine Overnight Restorative Cream. I have taken photos of all of the products I intend to use and attached them with this blog (well hopefully I’ve got everything, when I opened my box containing the Redefine Macro Exfoliator it wasn’t in there, so let’s just hope the movers just decided to hide it somewhere else shall we)! I know these products are expensive and it’s a big investment- the products in this photo are worth over US $500, but I want results on my neck, I want results on my face and I don’t want to have to see a plastic surgeon and spend thousands getting those results, I also don’t want to go in and have an acid peel or anything nasty like that, so I’m hoping my investment (both in this business and in these products is well worth it). 
Well, that’s all from me right now, my before photo shows all the wrinkles/blemishes on my face I’d like to get rid of. Spending a long time as a smoker has given me wrinkles around my mouth and eyes also (you have no idea how much I regret ever starting that stupid habit)! So there’s a big ask from these products. I forgot to mention the eye cream as well, now this is a product of R+F that I do absolutely love already and will continue to use for the rest of my life, I used just a tiny bit after I finished his morning’s regimen and will use it again tonight. So that’s all from me on day 1, I’ll you know tomorrow morning how T25 went and how the nightly regimen felt. Ciao for now!

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