Challenge Accepted Day 2

Well, what a weird morning! Oh and OH MY GOD! T25 was a killer last night! I had forgotten how hard it was, all I can say is thank god for Tania! The fact that I could modify saved me.

Now, where to begin? I guess a little background information on me. I have hypothyroidism. Not too severe, but there are definitely side effects and it’s definitely not fun! What really pisses me off about having this disease is the way people treat me after they find out I have it; “but you’re too thin to be hypothyroid.” “Oh, you only have a mild case of it, that explains it.” What the hell! Seriously! I was diagnosed with it in early 2002, after moving to Bahrain and working as a flight attendant for Gulf Air. All of a sudden, I started putting on lots of weight. There was no particular reason, I wasn’t eating more or partying more than usual but everyone kept saying to me that all the new girls put on weight when they come to Bahrain, it’s normal. Not for me it wasn’t, especially when there was no real reason. We’re not just talking a couple of pounds here or a kilo or two, we’re talking 13 kilos (25+ pounds) in a six month period! I hated myself! I started feeling down about everything! My Mum and Dad came to Bahrain to visit my sister and I and were shocked when they saw me. It was truly awful & you know in your heart of hearts when you’re at fault for putting on a lot of weight and when things are going on in your body that you cannot control! I took exercise pills (dodgy things from various local stores and some I bought in South Africa) I even went to the gym (if you knew me at all at that time, this was a huge deal) but nothing worked. I started smoking 2 packs a day hoping to just not eat at all & still the kilos piled on. Finally I went to the Bahrainy Gulf Air appointed doctor and told him about it, thank god for him is all I have to say! The first thing he said to me was he thought I may have been hypothyroid. I had no clue what that was but read up on it. The results of the blood tests were back within 3 days and yes, my thyroid gland was not functioning as it should be. I went on 50mcg synthroid and within 5 months, had lost all the weight I had put on and was finally feeling like me again, just in time to move to Italy after hubby proposed (but that’s all for another day). This is when people started asking me what I did to lose all that weight and when I told them, they were like “oh, I need to go and get tested, maybe that’s my problem,” or “is that some sort of miracle diet pill?” “Can you get some for me?” Unfortunately they didn’t see all the other things that went with it, my lethargy on days, not wanting to get out of bed. My unexplained sadness that I thought was related to the weight gain, my irritability and mood swings. On top of everything else, I have suffered from insomnia since I was 17. I have tried every ‘natural’ thing out there on the market, I saw a doctor about it finally only a year ago and her advice was to take Benadryl. So that’s what I do, now I take Benadryl every night but unfortunately, it seems to be not working anymore too!  So that’s how last night and the night before went. I really didn’t sleep but had that Benadryl tiredness over me that makes me cranky if the ‘drug ‘ hasn’t done its job. I took two last night thinking that I’d hardly slept the night before so surely they will work tonight, then at 11ish, I got up and had two melatonin because I knew I needed to get some sleep. At about 1am, I finally fell asleep, awoken by my hubby having a very weird dream and looking like he was writing on the headboard (he has never done anything like that before since I’ve known him) and that was it, sleep finished again for a while. I played on my phone and finally drifted off again to be awoken by my alarm going off.

Ok, so about my weird morning; I got up this morning and just felt drained, I felt cranky. And I’m not really on any diet right now so it’s not anything like that, but it was a drained to the core feeling! I got the girls ready for school and thought I had better go and run whilst I had a little bit of energy, so I did. One mile and man was that tough! My hubby was home with the little one (we’re talking 7:30am by now) & I finished running, with the good intention of starting T25 day 2 & promptly closed my eyes & fell asleep. He came up to tell me he was going to work, so I came downstairs and told the little one to come into bed with me & play on his tablet or I could put Netflix on, and he and I both fell asleep, I awoke at 10:30am feeling better but not great! Very bizarre but one of the combination of things that sometimes seems to happen to me to me due to where hypothyroidism meets insomnia! 

So here I am, it’s now 11 & I’ve still got to do my morning R+F regimen and T25! So, I’m going to go and do those things and come back to writing this when when I’m done and can report to you that I’ve done what I need to do for the morning 😜

Ok since starting this, I have now done my morning R+F regimen and T25 Speed 1.0! I actually really enjoyed this day, though the fact that I am not in shape did make it a tad more difficult than it should have been!  My skin feels lovely and my body is aching. I did also have a marvelous lunch if I must say so myself! I’m going to include a photo of it because it was that good!

Doesn’t that look wonderful? I never take the time to make myself a yummy lunch and to be honest, I’m a bit of a fuss pot so there’s a lot of healthy food that I don’t really like, but everything on this plate was so simple to put together and tasted amazing and filled me up! I think that’s a pretty good win for a Tuesday! The chicken is from the cans of chicken meat from Costco, not something I’m normally into but who has time on a weekday to cook up a fresh breast of chicken? Not this lady, I can assure you! Anyway, with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar over it, the whole thing was not only yummy but good for you too! It’s taco Tuesday, so I thought I’d better eat something to fill me up until dinner and something that doesn’t have a whole heap of calories in it, not that I’m dieting, let me make that very clear, I’m just trying to eat a little better because for over two months we did nothing but eat out! Hence the extra rolls I am now trying to tone down. 

Ok, so I think that’s me for the day, tomorrow I’ll focus a little more on the skincare side of  it, particularly the Amp MD roller as I think this really needs some extra time and focus, but for right now, I must keep unpacking so that chaos does not surround me! I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you on day 3! By the way, the photo below is the only one I have access to right now that gives a bit of an indication as to how big I got during that time. Of course it was the same time as one of my dearest friends got married! 


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