Challenge Accepted Day 14

Normally, we have some excitement in the day, there is truly never a boring day in our household, but today may have come close to being that. We got up, I did some clothes washing, made biscuits and gravy for the husband and two of the kiddos (myself and Madison aren’t huge fans). She had bacon, I had coffe and a yakult (the probiotic drinking yoghurt).

We got ready and went to Costco, I did my morning regimen beforehand of course but left the T25 stretching until tonight. I do have to mention something else I’ve been doing religiously for the past 14 days and that is moisturizing. When I get out of the shower, I really massage the tops of my thighs and buttocks with moisturizer, I also pay special attention to that little flappy bit under each arm (aka ‘bat wings’). I’m fairly muscular in my upper arms, always have been, people always thought I was a swimmer, but I’m getting older and need to take care of them now, before it’s too late. Anyway, back to the moisturizing, in a roundabout way of course; I’ve spoken a lot about my hoarding but haven’t really gone into detail, one of the things I have done throughout my life is collect shampoo bottles, moisturizer, conditioner, shower caps (you name it) but anything that says the name of a cool hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I was a flight attendant for a while so I got to stay at some wonderful hotels throughout the world. I’ve left these in baskets in our guest rooms or guest bathrooms over the years but they never got used and I’ve consistently packed them and brought them with us everywhere. It was like a link to my cool traveling days or something. Anyway, we’ve moved to a house at least half the size of our previous house, so all the little crap needs to go! And rather than just throwing it away I am slowly but surely using every little bottle, cake of soap, you name it and throwing the empty ones away! And each use feels good, I am finally putting this stuff to use and helping clear my house of all the little shit that is all adding up to be too much! When planning on regularly using this, I thought I could incorporate it into this challenge; every time I have a shower, I get out and I massage those above mentioned bits with the moisturizer and I knead it pretty hard and try to get in the there and help my body circulate and dispose of any extra fatty tissue from problem areas, it can’t hurt can it? And I’m disposing of this other ‘stuff’. 

Ok, back to today, we go to Costco and spend a small fortune, as you do at any Costco upon entering. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and call a conspiracy theory; Costco is using some sort of high range frequency the minute you enter their store to make you buy things, anything, lots of it too! 😉 ok, maybe not, but I find it very hard to walk out of Costco without spending at least $200! Today was even worse! We bought a small island. Not the kind surrounded by water unfortunately, but a small kitchen island. We needed some extra bench space in this little kitchen and I hated using my antique table for anything, so this was our solution, but we got home and hubby put it together only to attach the top and find this:

Not happy! So I guess we’ll have to return to Costco on Saturday and see how the Korean Costco return process compares to everywhere else. Here’s hoping it is as exceptional as we’ve experienced before! If not, I’m not going to be happy, as it is it’s going to be a pain in the you know what! And here I was so excited to have at least a tiny little bit more space. We’ll use it until we return I guess, we certainly don’t have anywhere to keep it other than where it is, so, que sera sera! For now anyway.

Alright, hubby and I went up to do the stretch video, two daughters went out to play and son was happily playing downstairs (so we thought) until he came up asking for pavlova. I told him we would all have some after dinner, but I had left it sitting on the aforementioned island, not yet covered in anything, including protection from little fingers. We came downstairs to start food prep when we spotted the pavlova which had a little finger poke in it that had acted like a tiny tremor precluding a cataclysmic event sending solid cracks all over one half of the pav (Australian for pavlova of course). I tried to rectify the damage using a lot of cream but it didn’t quite work out the way I intended it to and the cool whip wasn’t a huge hit with the girls and I (we prefer real cream whipped up, but hubby prefers that rubbish so I gave in to his wishes given it is his birthday week. 

I took that last photo to try to show you what it looks like inside, this one unfortunately got a little too cooked underneath but we have this super hot, tiny gas oven so I’m trying to think of anything I can do differently on Tuesday when I make another pav to prevent it from getting too cooked on the bottom, it shouldn’t even be brown, it should be a light malt colour and it does affect the flavour. 

My one success tonight was an amazing smoothie, strawberries, mango, chia seeds (a Costco purchase from today as was the organic, frozen mango) & cranberry juice – that’s about the only good healthy thing I had today, but at least I did that! 

Tonight, I am drinking my ‘sleepy time’ tea and I’m about to go and do my Sunday night Rodan + Fields regimen which includes the macro exfoliating! Yay! Well, have a great night/day and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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One thought on “Challenge Accepted Day 14”

  1. Pav looks great. I am sure Derick just loved it. Have not had one for ever. I do think the cream would make it much nicer. But each to their own.


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