Challenge Accepted Day 15

Ok, right now I’m really disappointed with WordPress. I spent my entire day adding bits and pieces to my blog only to find the entire thing has once again disappeared!

I had written over 2000 words all about a variety of things and now it’s gone, gone, gone! 

Basically T25 was hard, I am tired, my DVD stopped working with about 5 minutes left, sleep eludes me once again. And my teeth really, really hurt. I am so sorry to do this to any of you who are truly waiting for my interesting stories (I hope there are some at least 😉) but I have just taken some major painkillers for my teeth- had written an entire story earlier so I didn’t have to worry about it later but I guess I am going to have to do a back up any time I write anything on here.

I also did my morning Rodan & Fields regimen and will do my nightly routine before going to bed. I’m still using my Amp MD roller nightly, can’t wait to see the real results. 

Our day has been ok, both hubby and I aren’t feeling well and it is his birthday tomorrow so let’s hope both of us are ready to face the day with refreshed vigor! 

The photo below shows the current condition of my T25 Total Body Circuit DVD: 

Not good. I don’t want to buy the entire set again so I’m a bit disappointed as this is one of the main DVDs from the alpha section. And the last 5 minutes of the 25 minute workout is pretty much unwatchable as is half of the cool down. 😕

Alright, well more to come tomorrow with backups of my writings throughout the day. 

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Aussie Mum’s Adventures

As a lover of so many things, I relish in sharing the diversity of my interests including, but definitely not limited to: writing about whatever catches my attention in the moment, sharing my love for travel through photography and stories, DIY projects that can be anything from curtain revamping to kitchen remodeling, painting, narratives about my children and tips and tidbits for anyone traveling through this thing called life. It’s definitely a journey and with three kids, two fur babies and being married to a military man, I always seem to find the crazy!

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