Challenge Accepted Day 46/Day 4

This picture is of my darling son as he came downstairs this morning after changing from his pyjamas. All he wanted to do was to grant Spider-Man wishes, ergo, the Spider-Man Fairy! It made me chuckle and that was nice today as it was a Bit of another somber day today. My friend’s funeral is today and I cannot be there. I cannot believe she is gone so soon. She had booked a holiday for the end of April with her husband, hoping to just not be in hospital, not thinking she would be gone already. No one was ready. Including her. 
I had double booked myself today, forgetting about my original plans, so I had to cancel one of them, then unfortunately the other one was cancelled as well, so dear son and I have hung out today, me trying not to think about where I should have been and Hunter wishing he was at school and begging me to go. With no car, there was little I could do. In fact this no car business is driving me crazy! I just need for my hubby to have some time to get this paperwork done. Unfortunately nothing seems to be easy in his world right now, and my needing a car for independence is at the bottom of the totem pole. No, not because I’m not one of his priorities, but because he is facing craziness right now and is trying to ensure the lives of his people are better taken care of in their working environment. I knew there was a mess that needed to be cleaned up and I knew somewhat what we were facing when he took this job, unfortunately it’s worse than we expected meaning my needs are not so important at this time. Today however, I just felt like getting out after my plans got cancelled. Instead, I spent over an hour untangling this mess: 
Yes, even though I had gone to Pinterest and tried to use the idea of the straws to ensure my necklaces didn’t get tangled on our cruise and subsequent trip over here, they did. Big time! Afterwards, I used big straws, sometimes doubling them, so there was no room for extra chains/possible tangles. 

I made ‘nice cream’ also – – It turned out a little differently to what they have, but I also added a little bit of apple sauce and some honey to sweeten it up for the kiddos. I’m about to test it out on them….and……. it wasn’t much of a success. It certainly didn’t quite have the texture the one on the video had. It tasted good but definitely tasted like banana, so the only one who ate it and liked it was Hunter. 

The whole reason the idea started out was because I had lots of left over strawberries that weren’t going to be any good after today, I put them in the juicer, after discerning those still good enough to eat as is, and those my kiddos wouldn’t touch because they had started going soft. There was a large container leftover after I had made the nice cream and I thought to myself, I’ve got very little freezer space, I don’t do jams, I don’t have enough dried fruit to do my other experiment (an Aussie thing called a fruit stick) so, the only thing that came to mind was a margarita! Yum! Unfortunately, by this time, my early afternoon had passed and it was bus pick up time! So what does one do with a freshly made, spare of the moment margarita when one has to walk to the bus stop; take it in a to-go cup of course! Afterwards, the kiddos and I just hung out not doing too much until hubby got home and it was time for our recurrent dental appointments, this time for Maddy and I. 

So who would have thought it would be a neighbourhood catchup at the dentist? I’m telling you, my daughter Madison is like my mother, everywhere we go, she seems to know someone. Seriously, that joke about my Mum standing beside the pope would work just as well with my daughter; you know, where the pope is standing beside either my Mum or Madison and the crowd says, “who’s Lyn and Madison standing next to?” Everywhere we go, they know people! 

Back to the dentist we are, me still dealing with all the problems with my pits and fissures and cavities that have come in underneath them and Madison just beginning her journey dealing with the exact same problem! Obviously inherited directly from her mother! Poor girl, we got sealants on her teeth in Colorado and obviously there’s no guarantee because the X-ray showed a cavity and when he removed the sealant, the cavity was really large! She’s seven. Crappy teeth unfortunately. Neither hubby nor I have great teeth and we both clean them and take care of them and have looked after our kids’ teeth too but I guess sometimes, it just doesn’t matter. I also had to discuss Ally’s treatment as we’re not sure of the best options there either. Being a parent is so difficult sometimes! Trying to figure out what’s best for your kids and what’s best financially! Sometimes I just don’t want to adult, let alone parent! I’ll let you know how it all goes afterwards. All this after a mid-afternoon margarita! OMG! 
So, just as a side note, the cardio recovery workout today was awful! Here I was looking forward to stretching but that was way beyond normal stretching! My legs are hurting from all those squats and pulses and lunges and holding it there! Wow! Rodan + Fields has all gone well today though, I’ll do the AMP MD tonight once again too and it’s time for the second last ACUTE Care treatment too! Well that’s it from me for tonight. I hope you and yours are fairing well and life is good. 

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