Challenge Accepted Days 48/49 and 6/7

Here it is, Sunday night and yes, I failed yesterday and did not write my blog. It was a big day. Where do I start? With a yard sale first thing in the morning, I guess. And what a terrible failure it was. The weather was supposed to be ok, but it wasn’t. In fact it was a chilly 10C with aa cool breeze and overcast skies. Not the most inviting yard sale weather. I advertised and asked other members in our ‘Ville’ to participate, even offering our space to anyone in apartments. One lady took me up on the offer and braved the weather with me and it was nice getting to know her and I had someone to chat to as hubby and the girls went and did a SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program) run together that ended up being a colour run and had a lot of fun doing it. Had I known it was on prior to the night before a planned yard sale, I would have gone and done it with them, though with no stroller, not sure how we would have gone with Hunter. 
Back to the yard sale: what a dismal failure. I ended up making $20 and ₩1000 (less than $1). The only good thing to come from it (other than meeting another neighbour) was that I ended up donating lots of crap at the end of the day and we have a tad more room in the house too. I’ve still kept some stuff that I’m going to try to sell on consignment at the thrift store, so we’ll see. There may still be hope yet, but I’m not counting on it. We finally called it a day at about 2, and packed everything up. Hubby and I cleaned the house as it was a bit of a disgrace. This place (South Korea) has dirt and dust like I’ve never seen before and even though we have our ‘robbie’ roomba, the couch and many other places all need to be vacuumed on a regular basis too. We knew we were going out last night too and we didn’t want the babysitter to come in to a terrible pigsty either. After doing some tidying up and making spaghetti for the kids for dinner, I then went over to see my other neighbour who had a lot of drama going on in the morning as well. Her mother isn’t well and got very sick during the night (they had come to stay for 3 months) and her parents had decided during the night to completely change their travel plans and leave yesterday morning very suddenly. She was devastated and was concerned about her kids being devastated when they realized their grandparents weren’t coming back. When I got over there, she was opening her second bottle of wine (& no, I don’t think she’s a big drinker as she was quite tipsy) anyway, I joined her for a late afternoon beverage and I think she needed someone to just talk to, so that’s what we did. We sat outside and talked. Finally, I realized I needed to get home and shower and get ready for our evening plans. 

What a fun night we had. The four of us caught a taxi and went in to a little South African restaurant that has a great reputation with many Americans. It was fun and the food was good, so I understand why it so well liked. I introduced myself to one of the owners and may have mentioned that I was an Aussie. South Africans and Australians have a friendly rivalry going on, just like we do with the Kiwis (New Zealanders) and the Poms (Brits), so it made for some fun throughout the night when he came over to our table and goaded me a little. There were some other South Africans in there as well so they joined in on the fun at times too. Anyway, conversation flowed between the four of us and it was a great night. Everyone else got beers samplers but not me, no, I drank far too many Moscow mules (well a South African version of them) and by the end of the night, this girl was drunk. Yes, drunk. The taxi ride home is a bit fuzzy and the kids made fun of me this morning as they were still awake when we got home, so unfortunately, there was no blog written, I asked my husband to write a statement for me but he didn’t know where to go and kept asking me what he needed to do but I wouldn’t give him further explanation apparently, so here we are, me writing both Saturday’s and Sunday’s blogs all in one.

What about today? Well, today has truly been a blow out! I haven’t moved far from the couch to be quite honest with you. What I will say is that my husband went to legendary status this morning. I normally do most of the cooking. I’m good at it. Hubby doesn’t do very much and claims he’s not so good at it but this morning he proved himself wrong. He even gave us each a menu choice to select from! I chose an omelet with a side of bacon, the kids all chose pancakes with bacon and for himself, he made scrambled eggs with bacon! All by himself. I did see him getting a little stressed at times and both girls went in to ask him if he needed help and were a little scared as they had never seen Daddy quite like that 😉 but he did it! And it was very, very good! 

We moved to the couch and watched The Green Lantern thereafter and the movies continued from there. I finally let the girls watch the two of The Hunger Games movies. And other than having to pause it to answer a lot of questions and explaining to them that this was showing a really nasty side of the human characteristics and it was not real, we all really enjoyed it. The girls discussed it as they showered tonight too, with Madison throwing ideas about in her head and saying how unfair it was that they were all put in that position and showing a maturity well beyond her 7 years. 

And that was our day. There was no exercise this weekend, there was no Shawn T, there was nowhere near enough water, the skincare treatment wasn’t up to par either. Basically, my entire weekend was a bust. Though there were lots of good moments thrown in! Now it’s time to finish the night with ‘Antman’ before going to bed and feeling well-rested tomorrow! 

Have a great day or night, wherever you are! Luckily, tomorrow is another day

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted Days 48/49 and 6/7”

  1. Sheryn- Ellie devoured the Hunger Games books and I have read them as well. If Ali’s a reader I bet she’d like them. The books explain things in the way only books can!


    1. I have the books and thought once Ally has finished reading her current book series ‘Warrior Cats’ that I would let her read the trilogy, I too thought the books were a great, quick read – and definitely will encourage her to read them.


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