Challenge Accepted Day 52/Day 10

Let me first start by apologizing for yesterday’s crazy blog! I wrote on three different mediums yesterday at four different times throughout the day then put it all together after a very long, wine-filled lunch! Not the best for sure. My chief proof reader (aka the husband) was asleep when I published and I didn’t proof read to ensure I hadn’t doubled up on anything, including jibberish that I’m not even sure how it got there! Anyway, none of that today. Just me writing on one IPad then copying directly to WordPress to publish and today’s blog is worth sticking around for! 

So, I did wake up with a hangover this morning. I tried to drink lots and lots of water last night before going to bed but, given we gave the water a miss during our 6 hour lunch session, I’m not sure it helped any! It was worth it though, what a fabulous time we had. Back to today. I got up and had a berocca (the Australian kind that actually helps with hangovers and doesn’t contain caffeine), then woke Maddy up nice and early. We actually had a nice breakfast and talked about the various happenings at school and it was great. I walked her to the bus stop, sent her on her way and dear son and I came back and woke Ally up. I reminded Hunter he was going to school today and he immediately ran upstairs to get dressed. I tried to do a quick tidy up and was very surprised when he came back downstairs to finish his breakfast dressed like so:

He cracks me up, this one. Ally and I had a great talk as well about being a girl, it didn’t actually start off so great though when she started talking about going on a diet! WTH! I don’t think so. That led us into this conversation about boys and how they are categorizing them at school! No! If you are a Mum to a boy, it is your job to stop this sort of shit from going on. No boy should be categorizing girls! More of this conversation is going to come in a separate blog, dedicated to this subject as this isn’t where this blog needs to go. 
We dropped him at school and I dropped hubby at work, I came home and spent a lot of time researching various things so by the time I was done, it was time to shower and get dressed for the outing today with my German friend, and what an outing it was! She had been telling me about this dermatologist she had been seeing and that she was going to see him today and did I want to tag along, I thought it would be a good idea to go and see another dermatologist about this lump on my forehead so I said yes. After driving around forever, we finally found a park down this little tiny alley. Luckily South Korea is the safest country and one can almost park anywhere and be just fine, the only concern is more the high parking tickets. Anyway, we made our way over there and My friend told them that I was just looking, just seeing what they had to offer. We went upstairs where the Doctor and his wife actually practice and it was all very bizarre with the wife telling me that I should have this full on face treatment that was ₩900,000 and I should get these shots for extra fat on my face and I should get fillers for the lines around my mouth. And Botox to stop my jaw looking so strong. It was rally strange. The South Koreans are literally obsessed with their looks. Plastic surgery has become a huge thing here and everyone who has enough money goes and has various treatments. They are also obsessed with being very thin. I mean very thin. 
I told her no to all the treatments that she offered and said I would think about it, then my friend invited me to come in whilst she had her ‘fat’ shots. Say what? I asked her what was in the fat shots and she had no idea. So I went in and watched as this woman injected her with numerous shots on every ‘fat’ bit of her body. Very interesting. Whilst she was getting that done, I thought I would try to look up what these fat shots are as the woman couldn’t explain to me in English. And here is what it is: Lipolysis shots. The active agent that’s injected is called phosphatidylcholine (PPC). PPC is produced naturally by the body. It is a component of all the cells in the body and is highly concentrated in liver cells, fat cells and the covering of nerve cells. The PPC used for fat dissolving injections is harvested from the soy plant. PPC has been used in other fields of medicine, usually intravenously, for treating fat embolisms in the lungs, for lowering cholesterol levels and as a liver protective substance. PPC injected into fat deposits supposedly has a detergent like effect, causing fat cells to rupture and dissolve. Fat released by the cell is metabolized by the liver and excreted by the body. There is also some tightening of the skin in treatment areas. It can be used all over the body: face, neck, arms, back fat rolls, abdomen, thighs, love handles and knees, well, what the hell! Why not give it a go? So I did.
The first thing the doctor did was put me on to a BMI machine where everything was calculated. It came up that my BMI is 22% a little more than I would like. In fact, he told me it was 3.5kg of fat too much. Ok. Then his wife came out and starting pinching my belly fat. Literally grabbing hold of it and saying, “Yes, you must get rid of this!” The Koreans are very honest when it comes to things like that. Just as she was very honest about everything I needed to do with my face. I said “ok, just my belly.” So that’s what we did. For ₩150,000 I’m going to have 8 weeks of treatments, 2 times a week. That’s not all. Here’s how it works: You go and lay down, and she pops the injections all over your fat bit, whatever area you want them to do. My friend is getting them all over. The shot goes into the subcutaneous fat layer, and starts to do its job. She doesn’t give you anything for the pain, she literally slaps you then puts the shot in. It’s weird. When she has finished doing all the shots, she straps you up to one of those machines that sends electric shocks to spasm your muscles an Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS). Now that is weird. But apparently it helps to break the fat up. It almost feels like contractions. We were sitting in that room, a German and an Aussie, literally pissing ourselves laughing with the shocks going through our body! The weirdest thing I’ve done in a long time, but definitely comical! I even took a photo of me as I was spasming.

Now I know plenty of you are probably thinking why on earth are you doing this, or you shouldn’t be doing that. But I’m here to say that something has happened to my metabolism. 6 months ago, I was able to maintain my weight, eating more than I am right now, just as long as I exercised on a regular basis. Now, I’ve put on this extra 10lbs (all of it seemingly in my stomach) and I’m doing some fairly hardcore exercise, even the 5 weeks of T25, and nothing is getting rid of this belly. I’m at my wit’s end. And no, I’m not going to go and get liposuction or anything, but I needed to do something to get rid of it. Three babies have taken their toll on my lower abdomen. And this girl was given the opportunity today to try something new that may just take care of this problem. So, why not? 

The whole thing honestly feels like a dream. Hopefully, this works and I’ll be an advocate for this method of fat trimming! Obviously you should do everything with diet and exercise, which I’m doing, so let’s hope for the best and I’ll keep you posted. 

From there, we went to one of the local stores and bought special ‘Korean’ shoes for the kids for their school (you can’t wear shoes inside). And it was just one of those days where things just went comical. There was a display in the lingerie section for both men and women that cracked us up. The South Koreans have very interesting taste in men’s lingerie, then there’s the matching stuff! Sometimes, one has to wonder. After all the children came home, I finally did the Insanity workout and really enjoyed it. Hunter and Madison finished it with me too. My belly did however feel like it was still pulsing throughout the Insanity workout, here’s hoping it got a double kind of workout. 

I finished the workout very sweaty and in desperate need of a shower, then it was time to do my nightly Rodan + Fields Redefine regimen. I also used the AMP MD as one of the things they were really pushing on me today was derma stamping. Basically, doing the same as the AMP MD roller but in a stamping form. It just reinforced the fact that I have this tool at home and need to consistently use it. My skin feels wonderful. My belly does have some bruising on it but it’s not sore or anything. Just tingling a little still. 
Anyway, I’d love to get your feedback on tonight’s blog! The day certainly went somewhere I never saw coming. Please remember to like my Facebook page: Aussiemumsadventures and email me directly at If you would like to try a Rodan and Fields regimen yourself, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help guide you through it. Thanks for reading my crazy blog and I hope you have an amazing day and/or night, wherever you are! 

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